Emanuel: Trump is an ‘Albatross Around the Republican Party’

Emanuel: Trump is an ‘Albatross Around the Republican Party’

June 7, 2021

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel called former President Donald Trump “an albatross around the Republican Party.”

Asked about the GOP “doubling down” on its support for a president who lost his reelection, Emanuel replied, “I wanted to be done discussing this man in 2020. I don’t want to be doing this…

“That said, look, if I were the Democrats right now…,” he continued. “A Republican president, any president, goes off and works either on their books or takes a project, like Jimmy Carter, Habitat For Humanity, does some other goodwill work. This has always been about Donald Trump. Donald Trump is always about Donald Trump. And that’s what he’s continuing.”

He added, “But if I were the Democrats, I’d force every Republican right now, do you believe he will be reinstated? Put him back on the ballot because, in the swing districts, he is an albatross around the Republican Party. And I would continue — they’re trying to flip the cultural issues our way. I flip them right back and make Donald Trump the albatross around the Republican Party, which it is since he will not let it go.”

Emanuel should be careful what he wishes for. Trumpism is not an albatross for the Republican Party. It is the future of the Republican Party.

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