Emanuel: Don’t Say ‘Mandate’ — Say ‘Requirements for Access’

Emanuel: Don’t Say ‘Mandate’ — Say ‘Requirements for Access’

August 9, 2021

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said officials should avoid using the word “mandate” when discussing requiring COVID-19 vaccinatinos.

“I would not use the word mandate,” said Emanuel, the Obama flunky infamous for his Machiavellian maxim to never let a crisis go to waste. “Call it a requirement, a requirement to participate in the rest of the economy that is opening up.”

Emanuel added, “We’re requiring this for X access to the economy. You have to think about people in that way. I think that whether you take public employees — as I said, health care workers should lead. They have to get vaccinated. You get federal dollars for research at universities. Students and employees have to be. You start setting requirements for the rest of society. The other piece I would add, it’s part of your national pledge.”

Which part of our pledge of allegiance is he referring to? The part about liberty for all? Because totalitarians like Emanuel, regardless of what Orwellian language they want to use, are cynically using this manufactured pandemic to deny Americans their liberty: comply — or be denied “access to the economy.”

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