Ellison Admits to Calling Accuser a ‘B—-‘

Ellison Admits to Calling Accuser a ‘B—-‘

October 4, 2018

Embattled U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison admitted calling ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan a “b—-” during a heated argument about finances, but a lawyer hired to write a report about domestic abuse allegations against the Minnesota Democrat says that isn’t enough to prove the Democrat congressman is guilty.

Monahan alleges Ellison used the derogatory phrase multiple times. She claims in one particular incident that he dragged her from a bed and shouted “F— you, b—” and “I hate you.” The probe found the accuser’s story not credible over her refusal to provide video of the incident.

“Mr. Ellison recalled only one time in 2013 where he called Ms. Monahan a ‘b—-,’” lawyer Susan Ellingstad says in her report. “She has thus repeatedly placed the existence of [a] video front and center to her allegations, but then has refused to disclose it.”

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