Election Denier Abrams Loses in Court, Still Won’t Concede 2018

Election Denier Abrams Loses in Court, Still Won’t Concede 2018

October 4, 2022

Monday on CNN’s OutFront, Democrat Georgia gubernatorial election denier Stacey Abrams answered a question on whether she will accept the ruling against her lawsuit on the 2018 election by stating that “I stand by my complaint” and still refusing to concede defeat.

Abrams blathered, “Let’s be clear about what this ruling said. It was a 288-page ruling, where the judge explicitly stated that both my organization — or the organization I founded and the secretary of state’s office, won some of the complaints, we lost some… Because of this litigation, over the last four years, we have seen improvements made to the process of elections. But, unfortunately, in response to those changes and the very dramatic evidence that came about because of increased access, we also saw this governor and this Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, pass S.B. 202 to put new barriers in place. And so, I stand by my complaint about any time state actors put barriers to access in front of eligible voters, we should always push back. And I will continue to be very proud of the work that Fair Fight has done and will continue to do to protect access to the right to vote in Georgia.”

Burnett pressed: “Is there any scenario under which you would concede that you lost, publicly, in 2018?”

The voter fraud enthusiast Abrams replied, “In 2018, on the day I made that speech, if you played the beginning of the speech, I acknowledged that I am not the governor, that Brian Kemp won the election. What I said is that the process denied access to too many voters, and that was proven by more than 3,000 voters who made their voices heard, by a trial and a process that was the first full-length trial held on voting rights in more than a decade in the state of Georgia. I have never denied the outcome.”

Fact check: yes, she has denied the outcome and still denies it by continuing to argue falsely that her Republican opponents suppressed Democrat votes. Like all Dems who lose an election, she’s an election denier.

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