Edwards, 2004: ‘We Will Fight for Every Vote, You Deserve No Less’

Edwards, 2004: ‘We Will Fight for Every Vote, You Deserve No Less’

November 10, 2020

Democrats and their abettors in the media have rushed to demand that President Trump concede last week’s election even before all the votes are counted, and before their massive voter fraud can be challenged, exposed, and overturned. But as Joel Pollak of Breitbart News notes, in 2004, then-Sen. John Edwards, the running mate of Sen. John Kerry, appeared on Election Night to promise supporters in Boston that their campaign would not concede until it had fought for every vote to be counted.

“It’s been a long night. But we’ve waited four years for this victory. We can wait one more night,” Edwards said. “Tonight, John and I are so proud of all of you who are here with us, and all of you across the country who have stood with us in this campaign.

“John Kerry and I made a promise to the American people,” he continued, “that in this election, every vote would count, and every vote would be counted. Tonight, we are keeping our word and we will fight for every vote. You deserve no less. Thank you!”

Democrats are not known for consistency or integrity. They are known for doing and saying whatever it takes at any given moment to advance their lust for power, even if it contradicts what they did and said the day before. So while Edwards’ “Count every vote” became a rallying cry for Democrats in 2004, as Pollak writes, that was then; this is now. And this election is against their #MAGA nemesis Donald Trump. This time it is Republicans calling for every legal vote to be counted, while the Democrats just want to call the election for Biden and move forward.

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