Economics Prof Loury Blasts Sharpton’s ‘High-Level Shtick’

Economics Prof Loury Blasts Sharpton’s ‘High-Level Shtick’

October 1, 2021

In his latest episode of the video blog The Glenn Show, Brown University economics professor Glenn Loury slammed leftwing race hustler Rev. Al Sharpton for employing a “very high-level shtick” in his so-called civil rights activism.

In a discussion with John McWhorter, an associate professor of linguistics at Columbia University, Loury had harsh words for the so-called minister whom he accused of regularly “broker[ing] the race card.”

“I think the politics of the Democratic Party is perfect for creating the careers of people like Al Sharpton who broker the race card and the votes of black Democrats for the access that they can get and who play a certain kind of functional role in something that I think really poorly represents the interests of African Americans rightly understood,” Loury declared.

“If he was going to find ex-offenders who were prepared to reject the gang life and affirm decent ways of living and foster relationships of guidance with young men who [were] not yet on the right path, and so forth and so on,” Loury continued. “If he was working with the cops and not against the cops to try to keep the peace in some of these neighborhoods, I’d have more respect for him. But it’s a very high-level shtick. He’s refined it to perfection and he’s out-Jesse Jacksoning Jesse Jackson!”

Loury claimed that Sharpton’s efforts do little to meaningfully address the black community’s needs. “In the 21st century, while the clock keeps ticking on poor black people, the demagoguery that spews out of [Sharpton] is almost completely unrelated to the actual material needs of this population,” he said.

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