Dyson: Voter Fraud Claim is Dog-Whistle to White Supremacists

Dyson: Voter Fraud Claim is Dog-Whistle to White Supremacists

November 30, 2020

Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Vanderbilt University professor and race hustler Michael Eric Dyson said President Trump’s claims of voter fraud in large cities is a dog-whistle to “white supremacist and white nationalists” that he is their man.

Dyson said, “Think about the dog whistle that, in some instances, it has been far louder. He’s attacking Detroit, 79% Black. He’s attacking Atlanta 59% Black. He’s attacking Philadelphia 42% Black. He’s attacking Milwaukee 39% Black. We get what he’s doing here. He’s trying to have his cake and eat it, too, so to speak. He has an uptick in voting among African-American people by 5% among Black men, 4% among Black women, and at the same time, he wants to whistle to white supremacist and white nationalists he’s still their guy.”

This is just illogical race-baiting. If Trump is such a white supremacist, how does Dyson explain that more blacks are voting for Trump this time around?

He added, “He will continue to send out the notion that somehow this is a fraud, the fraud is related to race, race is illegitimate, and as a result of that, you as a white person have every reason in the world regardless of your stratification, whether you’re making $100 million a year or whether you’re barely making $10,000 to vote for me because I’m your guy.” The fraud is not related to race; it is related to the Democrat Party, and there is a growing mountain of evidence for it.

“This is destructive to the process of American democracy and one of the most powerful repudiations of enlightenment,” Dyson continued to blather. “Here is a guy who is anti-science, he’s anti-race, he’s anti-everything that makes this country it seems the very great thing he wants to make it.”

A “repudiation of enlightenment”? What does that even mean? Dyson himself doesn’t know, because he’s nothing more than a pompous, inarticulate race-monger, with no legitimate insights into politics or even race itself. But he’s anti-Trump and anti-white, so he has a favored place in the activist news media.

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