Dyson: Obama Scared White People Into ‘Belligerently Ignorant’ Trump Supporters

Dyson: Obama Scared White People Into ‘Belligerently Ignorant’ Trump Supporters

May 5, 2021

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, pompous race hustler Michael Eric Dyson stated absurdly, without evidence, that former President Barack Obama made white conservatives so crazy they became “belligerently ignorant” supporters of former President Donald Trump.

“The obsequious deference to a neofascist president has nearly ruined democracy,” Dyson blathered. “There is no question that, you know, according to the Bible, if you kick out a demon and you don’t put anything in its place, seven worse than the demon you kicked out are going to come in. What we’re seeing is the storming of the house by the lunatic fringe, if we can use a classic phrase from politics. We are seeing the despotic will of the uninformed, the belligerently ignorant, the proudly unenlightened. They beat up Obama for a tan suit and tan skin, and they beat him up because of his Harvard elite pedigree.”

No, the right “beat up” Obama because he is a radical leftist. As for his “elite pedigree,” it doesn’t exist. But Dyson went on to claim falsely that Obama was despised because he was “a pointy-head intellectual. No matter what you do, as a woman, as a person of color, you can’t win.”

This is a complete lie. The ranks of the GOP are teeming with women and “persons of color” who are celebrated as the smartest, brightest rising stars of the Party. Dyson is a buffoon but a hateful demagogue, and so he’s a regular fixture in the leftist media.

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