Dyson: ‘American Exceptionalism Is Really White Supremacy’

Dyson: ‘American Exceptionalism Is Really White Supremacy’

January 20, 2021

In a sermon on Sunday at the National Cathedral, Rev. Michael Eric Dyson, professor of African American and Diaspora Studies and Ethics and Society at Vanderbilt, declared that American exceptionalism is nothing more than the worship of white supremacy.

Dyson asserted that “the sad truth” is that America is a country “that spills blood in the name of misguided patriotism. An America willing to avert its eyes from truth in the glare of baseless conspiracy. An America that worships at the altar of the Second Amendment while making an idol of weapons and betraying the Second Commandment. An America that spews disgust at the dark foreigner and harbors hatred for the brown immigrant. An America that despises as enemies those who cry out that Black Lives Matter, while waving the traitorous banner of Confederate bigotry. This is America and has been America since America became America.

This is not “the sad truth” but a disgusting perversion of the truth. But Dyson is one of the left’s most hateful race hustlers.

“There is a greater danger you must boldly confront,” Dyson pontificated further. “American exceptionalism is really white supremacy on the sly. The men who founded your nation relished talk of God while holding black flesh in chains. Many of those who say that God takes special pride in your nation seek to bless the blasphemy of white supremacy. The American church has sinned by portraying truth as white. Facts as white. Reality as white. Beauty as white. Normal as white. Moral as white. Righteousness as white. Theology as white. Christ as white. God as white. And America as white.”

There was more, much more along those lines. Imagine the hate this preacher harbors in his heart that would make him spew such race-mongering incitement.

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