Durbin: ‘We Want to Cancel Racism in America.’ Riiiight.

Durbin: ‘We Want to Cancel Racism in America.’ Riiiight.

April 13, 2021

Tuesday on CNN’s New Day, Sen. Dick Durbin declared that it is time to “cancel racism in America” after the accidental shooting of Daunte Wright by a Minnesota police officer.

“We have got to stand by the good policing and make it clear that bad policing is unacceptable,” Durbin stated. “And let me add, too, very quickly, there is a racial element here that is very, very real in America. The numbers tell the story. We have got to purge that racism from the administration to justice in America.”

Fact check: the numbers do tell a story, but not the story the Democrats want you to believe. Actual statistics prove that anti-black racism among cops is rare. For that matter, there is currently no evidence that the police officer shot Daunte Wright because of racism.

But Durbin has a narrative to push, so he later added, “What we are seeing with Daunte Wright and with George Floyd, with Breonna Taylor, with Laquan McDonald is just a repetition — sadly just a repetition — on almost a daily basis of gun violence and a repetition of racial incidents that are absolutely unacceptable in this country. And … for the other side who say we’re just cancel culture — we want to cancel racism in America. That is the bottom line.”

False. Cancel culture is not about ending racism. It is about demonizing and personally destroying anyone who dares to voice politically incorrect opinions, or erasing the historical legacy of anyone or anything that does not conform to woke ideology. If anything, cancel culture is inflaming racism, on both sides of the color line.

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