Durbin: ‘Voting Rights of Every American Are at Stake Here’

Durbin: ‘Voting Rights of Every American Are at Stake Here’

December 29, 2021

Wednesday on CNN’s New Day, far-left Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) pushed for changes to be made to the filibuster and the passage of voting rights legislation, claiming filibuster reform “has to be done for the good of this country.”

“It can get done if we get all of the Democrats to stand behind the change and maybe even a few Republicans to realize,” Durbin stated. “Under the current Republican leadership, we’ve seen more filibusters, more obstruction than ever in the history of the Senate — nothing even close to it. And if we don’t change the rules to go back to a Senate that truly debates and legislates and responds to the needs of America, then it’s going to be a great misfortune for this country.”

“[F]rankly, we realize that if we don’t do it soon, it’s going to be too late,” Durbin warned. “There are critical issues. The voting rights of every American are at stake here. And what we are saying is if you want to stop legislation to guarantee every eligible voter has an opportunity to vote, then for goodness sakes, do more than just phone in your opposition. Stand at your desk and defend your position and be prepared to do that as long as necessary.”

The Democrats were fine with filibusters, using them over 350 times since 2014. Now that they hold the reins of political power, they have decided that the filibuster is overused and racist.

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