Durbin: Trump Defense of the Word Fight Was ‘Cartoon-Like’

Durbin: Trump Defense of the Word Fight Was ‘Cartoon-Like’

February 15, 2021

Friday during MSNBC’s coverage of the Senate’s sham impeachment trial of former President Trump, Sen. Dick Durbin called the defense team’s presentation “cartoon-like.”

Anchor Brian Williams led off trying to diminish the defense team’s video montage of Democrat incitement to violence against Trump and his supporters: “I will say, Senator, any video featuring Madonna and Johnny Depp does the job in that it is a giant distraction.”

Madonna and Depp were publicly calling for the bombing of the White House and assassination of the President, respectively. That’s not a distraction; that’s the rhetoric Democrats use routinely which the media like Williams ignore. And Williams also ignored the long line of Democrat leaders in the lengthy video who also encouraged violence and harassment.

“I think it will be relatively easy to forget that what we’re talking about is the looting and sacking and desecration of the building you’re sitting in right now,” Williams continued, ignoring the looting, sacking, and desecration of more than 50 big cities across the country that endured leftist rioting by the media-supported Black Lives Matter movement.

“That is the bottom line here,” Durbin responded. “For example, it was reaching an almost cartoon-like presentation with the word fight. Of course, everybody uses it. They tell the high school football team to get out and fight. Nobody even envisions looting, vandalism, and violence as part of it. It is hard to imagine as you look at that crowd and look at what they’re armed with, that the president was sending them up to cheer and to be prepared to get involved in primary elections. I don’t think so. I think that defies logic.”

So it’s OK when Democrats use the word fight, even though it demonstrably does result in looting, vandalism, and violence (which they justify as “mostly peaceful”); but when Trump uses it, Democrats feign outrage and call for impeachment. That’s how the Democrat Party rolls.

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