Durbin to Trump: Declare Natl Emergency Over Coronavirus

Durbin to Trump: Declare Natl Emergency Over Coronavirus

March 12, 2020

Thursday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Sen. Dick Durbin called on President Trump to declare a national state of emergency to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

“Yes, I believe he should [declare a national state of emergency]. All hands on deck,” Durbin replied. “We’ve got to keep America safe. Speculating on how this started, where it started and where there were politics involved in it, leave that to the historians. At this moment, we want American families to feel safe and feel that we’re doing everything within our power. The first thing I want is to make sure we have the test kits out and available.”

“When the governor of Illinois calls me, calls my office and tells me there’s a shortage of these kits and the CDC is not providing them to my home state of Illinois, one of the first with an identified coronavirus victim, that, to me is a need for a national emergency response,” Durbin added.

Although the Democrats want Americans to believe otherwise, the Trump admin has this under control.

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