Durbin: Price Gouging, Record Job Creation Come with Inflation

Durbin: Price Gouging, Record Job Creation Come with Inflation

May 17, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s MTP Daily, radical Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) tried to put a positive spin on record levels of inflation, blaming “a transitional economy” and “a lot” of corporate price gouging.

Durbin stated that poor poll numbers for Democrats reflect “history’s reality that off-year elections are not kind to the president’s party. That’s the starting point. Secondly, we’re dealing with a transitional economy, coming from a shutdown economy under COVID-19, reemerging, creation of jobs at record levels, but with it, comes the fires of inflation. Every family’s feeling that. They want to know that Democrats are going to do something to change it.”

Fact check: the Democrats aren’t going to do anything to change it. They don’t want to change it. This is part of the plan to move the economy in the direction they want.

“The president has used several tools in his kit,” Durbin continued to blather. “For example, releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was one, dealing with agricultural prices is another. There will be more jawboning, if you will, of those who are price gouging, and that’s happening at gas stations. It’s happening with baby formula. We’re finding a lot of that insidious activity taking place. So, we need to be identified with that effort and helping families find an affordable place where they can deal with this economy.”

This is all bullshit, frankly. The Democrats aren’t working to solve all this economic turmoil; they have caused it.

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