Durbin: McCarthy Wasting Time and Money on Biden Inquiry

Durbin: McCarthy Wasting Time and Money on Biden Inquiry

September 13, 2023

Tuesday on CNN’s The Lead, Senate Majority Whip and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) conceded that Hunter Biden’s corrupt business deals have “raised some questions in my mind,” but the Joe Biden impeachment inquiry announced by House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is “a waste of time and money.”

Durbin began by saying, “The majority in the Republicans in the House of Representatives are out of control. … Incidentally, the Senate Republicans have said publicly, many of them already, that there is no evidence to back an impeachment, and I believe they’re right.”

Host Jake Tapper then asked, “Are you comfortable with what Hunter Biden was doing, obviously making money because his dad was, at the time, vice president? I mean, he didn’t have any experience with Ukrainian gas companies, and he was put on the board of Burisma. I know that he’s not the first person to cash in on a connection to a powerful father, but doesn’t that make you uncomfortable?”

Durbin responded, “Yes, it does. And it does for Jared Kushner to have done the same thing under President Trump.”

Oh, please. The two examples aren’t remotely comparable.

“We’ve got to establish some standards for members of family. I’m not saying that Hunter Biden broke the law or that there should be any punishment involved in it, but I don’t feel good about the situation,” Durbin continued. “If it looks like a son or daughter is capitalizing on the public achievement of their parents, yes, that does raise some questions in my mind.”

But, he added, “this is just a diversion on the part of McCarthy. He cannot govern. He cannot get his majority in the House of Representatives to do the basics to keep the government’s lights on, and so he’s decided for a diversion, let’s talk about something else that they might agree on, an impeachment. What a waste of time and money and really a reckless strategy that endangers our economy and hurts innocent people.”

This, from a Senator whose party spent years and millions of taxpayer funds pursuing fruitless, politically-driven investigations into President Trump.

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