Duckworth: WH Told Her We ‘Don’t Need Any Other Asians’

Duckworth: WH Told Her We ‘Don’t Need Any Other Asians’

March 30, 2021

Monday on CBS This Morning, Sen. Tammy Duckworth claimed she was told by the White House that since half-Indian Vice President Kamala Harris already represents the Asian-American community, there is no more need for “any other Asians in the cabinet.”

“[Y]ou know, I was pushing for more representation at the highest levels of the Biden administration,” Duckworth said. “I love Kamala — she’s my girlfriend — you know, we were freshmen in the Senate together. I’ve spoken with her… The folks in the administration actually brought up her name and said, well, you have Kamala, you don’t really need any other Asians in the cabinet. And I thought, wow, that’s really offensive. You wouldn’t say we have a white male president; there shouldn’t be any white male members of the cabinet. Why would you say that to someone from the Asian community? But we worked it out.”

Since Duckworth didn’t identify who the “folks” in the White House are who told her the administration doesn’t need any more Asians, it’s impossible to verify whether this unlikely story is true. It seems like just another Democrat fake hate crime. On the other hand, since leftist identity politics is inherently racist, and since Democrats themselves are race-obsessed and resent the fact that the successful, assimilated Asian community does not embrace the left’s victimhood narrative, it is entirely possible that “folks” in the Biden administration don’t like the idea of “too many” Asian Americans in positions of power.

In any case, Duckworth herself is playing identity politics here, demanding that the administration nominate based on racial quotas rather than who is the most qualified person for the position. Let the left eat each other.

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