Duckworth: Tucker ‘Singled Me Out ‘Cause I’m Asian-American’

Duckworth: Tucker ‘Singled Me Out ‘Cause I’m Asian-American’

July 22, 2020

Tuesday on CNN’s Newsroom, Sen. Tammy Duckworth said Fox News host Tucker Carlson called her a “moron” and a “coward” because she is “Asian-American.”

“When you love the Constitution, and you love this country as much as I do, so much so that you’re willing to lay down your life to protect and defend her, then you must agree to defend the rights of the likes of Tucker Carlson to lie about you,” Duckworth said. “I truly believe in freedom of speech. It is enshrined in the Constitution. Of course, I don’t want statues of George Washington torn down any more than I would want the Purple Heart that he founded ripped from my chest, but I will defend the right for Tucker Carlson to be the obnoxious person that he is and to lie about me because that’s what our country is all about…

“I think he singled me out because I’m Asian-American and I look different. Asian-Americans have always been the other in our society. He doesn’t want America to be as diverse as it should be. In fact, he used I think ten words of the white supremacy statement on that.”

Duckworth hides behind her Purple Heart and ethnicity to smear her opponents as white supremacists. Carlson is right: she’s a moron and a coward — not because she’s Asian-American, but because she’s a leftist.

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