Duckworth: Trump ‘Doesn’t Understand’ Sacrifice of Soldiers

Duckworth: Trump ‘Doesn’t Understand’ Sacrifice of Soldiers

September 4, 2020

Friday on CNN’s Newsroom, Sen. Tammy Duckworth chimed in on The Atlantic article which claimed President Trump called Americans who died in war “losers” and “suckers,” saying Trump “really doesn’t understand the sacrifice” of the military.

“We all know this is exactly Donald Trump. This is who he is,” Duckworth stated. “People know the story is accurate because he’s consistently said these things over the years and continues to act in a way where he likes to use the military for his own personal ego as if we were some sort of toy soldiers you could pull out and line up on your desk to play with.” Every word of that statement is demonstrably false.

“But he really doesn’t understand the sacrifice,” she continued. “And he truly doesn’t understand what it means to put something above yourself too, serve this nation and be willing to lay down one’s life with this nation. Because he does nothing that does not benefit Donald Trump, bottom line.”

Democrat leaders like Duckworth are simply colluding with the media to give credence to The Atlantic‘s shameful lie. The right knows it’s not true and the left doesn’t care whether it is. It is simply a new narrative the left has decided to run with to keep smearing Trump.

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