Dr. Oz: Black Voters Don’t Want to Be Part of a Woke Experiment

Dr. Oz: Black Voters Don’t Want to Be Part of a Woke Experiment

October 14, 2022

Friday on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz slammed pro-crime Democrat opponent John Fetterman’s policies, declaring that black voters in the state don’t want to be part of the Lt. Governor’s white, woke social experiments.

Oz said the people in Philadelphia are not “having it” in regard to heroin injection sites, supported by Fetterman. He responded to a new Fox News poll showing Fetterman leading among non-White voters 52-24%.

“They think they’re part of a social experiment conducted on them, as they say, by white woke people who don’t deal with the consequences of some of these decisions,” said Oz. “If you’re going to allow the decriminalization of all drugs, which my opponent has advocated for, you’re going to create scenarios like they’re experiencing in Oregon, where you have a 40% increase in drug overdose deaths and a 50% increase in homicides because you create a lawless environment.”

Additionally, Oz blasted Fetterman for policies such as releasing one-third of all prisoners, no life sentences for murderers, and the end of cash bail. Oz said this is why he has received “unanimous” support from the Fraternal Order of Police. He also responded to a Democrat state representative who said Oz “does not give a damn” about those who have lost loved ones from the crime crisis in Philadelphia.

“I’ve done everything you can do. Not just as a candidate, but before I became a candidate. I started a program called Hashtag More Black Doctors to get more Black students to become physicians. I’ve been to Kensington multiple times, even before I was a candidate. It’s the largest open-air drug market in the country, caused directly by weak left-radical positions on drug use in the city of Philadelphia. But Democratic candidates won’t go down there,” he told Dana Perino.

Oz went on to note that Wawa announced it’s closing two stores in downtown Philadelphia because of rising crime. “Public safety is the cornerstone of a healthy economy… Families are leaving Philadelphia. They don’t feel safe.”

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