Donors Unwilling to Raise Money for Biden

Donors Unwilling to Raise Money for Biden

March 22, 2019

Top Democrat donors reportedly have told former Vice President Joe Biden that they would not raise early-stage campaign funds for him if he were to run for president in 2020.

According to CNBC, several donors declined Biden’s request to bundle campaign contributions because they’re not convinced he can overtake the younger, more diverse and progressive field of candidates.

“I can donate but I don’t think I can raise you money today,” said one anonymous billionaire. He told CNBC, “The sense we’re getting [from other donors] is yes, he’s a good guy and everybody knows him, but he has run for president a couple times and it didn’t always work out. I think with Biden there’s a feeling of ‘I like him, he’s a really good guy, but he’d be running at a moment in time that a 76-year-old white guy may not be what voters want.’”

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