Donna Brazile on Inflation Concerns: ‘Be a Smart Shopper’

Donna Brazile on Inflation Concerns: ‘Be a Smart Shopper’

November 17, 2021

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile offered some condescending, elitist advice for those struggling with the inflationary pressures on the American economy: be smart shoppers.

When commentator Chris Christie complained about his wife experiencing shocking inflation at the supermarket, Brazile shot back, “Did she go to Costco?… Inflation has been going up for the last three years. I go to Safeway —”

“Come on, Donna,” Christie interjected.

“Look, you’ve got to be smart when you go out and shop today, OK, whether you’re looking for Jiffy cornbread, which used to be three for $1 and it went up to 87 cents, or if you’re buying gas,” Brazile added. “And if you’re buying it in the inner city, it’s 10 cents more than if you go out just further out.”

Christie again broke in. “Wait, is that the Democratic slogan? ‘We’re going to raise your prices, but be smart about it. It could be a little bit less’? Run on that.”

“I’m just telling you my experience with shopping,” Brazile continued. “You’ve got to be a smart shopper.”

Thanks for that helpful advice, Democrat elitist.

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