Doctor Accuses 5 Med Schools of Discrimination For Kendi Tenets

Doctor Accuses 5 Med Schools of Discrimination For Kendi Tenets

June 3, 2022

Fox News reports that Do No Harm, an organization focused on combating antiracism and discrimination in the medical field, filed complaints to the U.S. Dept. of Education Office for Civil Rights, accusing five medical schools of violating Title VI for discriminating on the basis of race for various scholarships.

Do No Harm filed complaints against The University of Florida College of Medicine, University of Oklahoma – Tulsa, University of Utah School of Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

“This reflects Ibram Kendi‘s idea that in order to produce some sort of justification of past discrimination, we engage in current and future discrimination. And we… completely reject this idea,” said Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, the board chair of Do No Harm. “In fact, [the scholarships] are illegal, and they should not occur. And these schools need to really reject this kind of racialist approach to education… and should embark on programs that are fair and equitable to all individuals.”

“We think that admission to medical schools should be based on merit and merit alone,” he continued. “And that and there are plenty of African-American students who are highly qualified and are worthy of admission to medical school, and they should be admitted to medical school if they so desire to enter medical school – but on the basis of the fact that they’ve achieved what they’ve achieved, not because of some desire to create some sort of quota system in medicine where every medical school class perfectly reflects the population in the United States.”

Goldfarb added that discrimination is becoming more and more common in the medical field and fears with a scarcity of resources there could be “rationing” in the future on the basis of race if the new initiatives go “unchecked.”

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