Dixon: Whitmer Was Auditioning for VP With Strict Lockdowns

Dixon: Whitmer Was Auditioning for VP With Strict Lockdowns

July 28, 2022

Wednesday on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily, Tudor Dixon, a Republican candidate running for governor in Michigan, said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D-MI) tyrannical COVID lockdowns were part of a broader “audition” to be selected as Joe Biden’s running mate in 2020.

“We saw her auditioning to be vice president,” Dixon remarked. “We know she was on the short list to be vice president, and so it seemed as though she felt that the stricter she was with lockdowns — the more radical, the more incompetent — that Joe Biden would see her as the perfect mate for him to go to Washington.”

Whitmer locked down the state with more severity than most other states to demonstrate her partisan and political bona fides to Democrats, Dixon continued. “[Whitmer] did create this national presence. So if you saw her recent fundraising report, 40 percent of it is from outside of the state, much of that is California and New York. So those radical California and New York policies, she wants to bring to the state of Michigan.”

She said Whitmer “is now being considered on a short list for running for president in ’24.”

“I think the people of Michigan need to understand that this is a person whose long-term goal has always been to leave Michigan and go to Washington, and take her radical policies there,” Dixon stated. “Her radical policies during the pandemic — which were the the most lockdowns we’ve seen in the country — we had kids out of school longer than I think in any other state [and] we had a terrible problem with nursing homes.”

Dixon said, “She robbed the kids of their education, robbed them of potential scholarships and sports, robbed people of their livelihoods and their life savings and their businesses that they started from scratch.”

Dixon added, “We have businesses tell us all the time they’re leaving the state of Michigan because they just can’t handle the bureaucracy coming after them… Overall, the state of Michigan is really in decline.”

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