Disgraced Gov-Wannabe Gillum Surrenders For Campaign Fraud

Disgraced Gov-Wannabe Gillum Surrenders For Campaign Fraud

June 22, 2022

Local News 10 in Florida reports that Andrew Gillum, disgraced former Democrat nominee for Florida governor, has surrendered to authorities over an alleged fraud tied to his campaign.

The federal indictment charges Gillum and a co-conspirator Sharon Janet Lettman-Hicks with 21 counts including lying to the FBI, wire fraud, grant fraud, bank fraud, campaign contribution fraud, and fund fraud.

In a statement he released, Gillum said the alleged charges stem from political motives. “There has been a target on my back ever since I was the mayor of Tallahassee [from 2014 through 2018],” he said.

Some of the instances detailed in the 26-page indictment:

Allegedly solicited campaign contributions (from undercover FBI agents) in exchange for favors as Mayor of Tallahassee and then lied about it during a criminal, federal investigation into corruption.

Allegedly conspired (along with Lettman-Hicks) to defraud several individuals with promises that the funds would be used for legitimate purposes, but were instead used for personal gain.

Took $200,000 from two organizations intended to be used as a grant for fighting the preemption of local governments’ regulations.

Allegedly took $150,000 of a $250,000 campaign contribution.

Gillum’s attorneys say he is innocent of all charges.

You may recall that in 2020, Gillum was discovered by police incoherent and drunk with two other men at a South Beach hotel.

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