Disgraced Former Rep. Anthony Weiner Launches New Podcast

Disgraced Former Rep. Anthony Weiner Launches New Podcast

July 7, 2022

Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) released on Wednesday the first episode of Keys to the City with Anthony Weiner, a new podcast discussing issues in New York.

The episode focused primarily on the subject of the stop-and-frisk program and what effects it could have on the rising crime rates in NYC. However, once Weiner spoke with his first guest, activist Charlie King, the topic quickly switched to Weiner’s political aspirations.

“We have to address the elephant in the room which is, you know, I believe these things came from when you ran for mayor the last time. The question is, do you plan to run for mayor again and against Eric Adams?” King asked. 

“I wasn’t prepared for this curveball. No, I have no intention to do that. I think my career in public office, I’m trying to serve in other ways with my podcast, being on the radio,” Weiner said.

“Do you ever see yourself as mayor? Are you interested in running?” King repeated.

“Listen, I’ve said many times before, the only job I really wanted in life besides being in Congress was mayor. I have a lot of ideas. I love my city. I still do. I still believe in things that I did. But I think, practically speaking, given the problems that I had, given just the remarkable success I’m having on radio and podcasting, I think that fate has led me in another direction. But I’m always interested in the issues,” Weiner responded.

The “problems” he referred to obliquely included resigning in disgrace from Congress as a registered sex offender who compulsively sexted other women, including a minor.

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