Disgraced CNN Chief Zucker Agrees Not to Sue for $10 Million

Disgraced CNN Chief Zucker Agrees Not to Sue for $10 Million

March 10, 2022

Breitbart News reports that disgraced former CNN chief Jeff Zucker agreed to accept a $10 million payoff from WarnerMedia in exchange for agreeing not to “pursue litigation against” his former corporate bosses.

“Could life be any sweeter for those in the corporate media?” wrote Breitbart’s John Nolte. “This guy drives CNN’s ratings into the dirt. He grinds CNN’s reputation into a joke. He’s caught having an affair with a woman who reports directly to him. He spent nearly a decade spreading lies and conspiracy theories and hate and violence. And what’s his payoff? Ten-million bucks.”

Nolte goes on to explain what $10 million payoff is for. “I’ll tell you what it’s for… Zucker’s one of the boys, he’s in the club, he’s part of the corrupt left-wing elite, and in that club, everyone takes care of everyone else — no matter what.

“It’s also a pretty safe guess that WarnerMedia and everyone else at CNN are beyond terrified at the thought of a lawsuit,” Nolte continued. “Zucker knows where the proverbial bodies are buried. He put them there. No way on earth could CNNLOL withstand any amount of exposure or transparency. If the emails and memos and truth about just how corrupt that organization is, just how dishonest, political, and unethical that operation is, ever got out, no one would survive.”

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