Dingell’s Shouting Rant at Presser: ‘We Need Racial Justice’

Dingell’s Shouting Rant at Presser: ‘We Need Racial Justice’

April 20, 2021

In a House Democrat press conference on Monday, Rep. Debbie Dingell did not condemn Rep. Maxine Waters for her incitement to violence regarding the Derek Chauvin trial, instead demanding “racial justice” in a loud rant.

Dingell, frequently raising her voice, told reporters she is “tired of people pitting racial justice against public safety,” deeming it a “false choice.”

“You can have both. And this is an opportunity in our country to have an uncomfortable conversation. We need to work together,” she said, telling reporters people were “scared to death that the militia were going to come in and take over some of the cities” during the elections.

“We got to stop taking paint brushes and painting everybody and letting ourselves be falsely painted. We need racial justice, and we need public safety. And we need to work together. We need to listen to each other. We need to sit down in communities, respect each other, have civil dialogue, and find the solutions. We can’t put blinders on, and we’ve got to work together. And I hope that this country, we’re as worried — I don’t want to say the word because I don’t want to stir them up — but I’ve had men in front of my house with assault weapons, and trust me. They weren’t young black men.”

Translation: young black men aren’t scary threats; white militias are. That sounds a lot like just what she condemned: painting people falsely.

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