Dingell: We’ve Warned About Chinese Autonomous Vehicles Gathering Data

Dingell: We’ve Warned About Chinese Autonomous Vehicles Gathering Data

July 24, 2023

Friday on MSNBC’s Way Too Early, Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) warned that there isn’t any regulation on the kind of data China gathers from autonomous vehicles on American roads or where it goes despite the Biden administration being warned about the issue.

Dingell stated, “Well, first of all, we have got to get autonomous vehicle legislation done in this country, because it’s a competitive issue. We cannot cede our leadership on mobility to any other country. We put the world on wheels and we have to stay at the forefront. China is in this country. It has more than seven [companies] that have AVs being tested on the roads gathering data. We are not in any way, shape, or form regulating the kind of data, where it’s going, what they’re collecting. And yet, China does not have reciprocity. We are not allowed to bring our AVs, sell our AVs, or test our AVs on China roads.”

Guest host Sam Stein then asked, “Have you talked to Secretary Buttigieg about this?”

Dingell answered, “Oh, anybody who knows me knows that I have been — the last few weeks, I’ve been pretty intense on this subject on China and on the whole subject of AVs. It’s time that we get this done. We’re going to have a hearing next week in the Energy and Commerce Committee and, as legislation’s drafted, look at this.”

Maybe you could begin by looking at the Biden crime family’s ties to China.

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