Dingell: Shutting Down Pipeline is ‘Very Complicated Issue’

Dingell: Shutting Down Pipeline is ‘Very Complicated Issue’

November 15, 2021

Friday on the Fox News Channel’s The Story, radical Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) stated that the possibility of shutting down the Line 5 pipeline is “a very complicated issue,” declaring that we need to avoid pipeline spills and strikes and that we should be looking to other means by which energy can be delivered.

Host Martha MacCallum asked, “What is your stance on even the consideration or the study of potentially not keeping that Line 5 running and functioning in the new plan that was scheduled for it?”

Dingell replied, “So, like all things that we talk about, they’re very complicated… It’s a very complicated issue.”

Fact check: when a Democrat leader or spokesperson introduces an answer by stating the issue is “complicated,” you can be sure that what will follow will be blather designed to obfuscate their real aims. In this case, Dingell wants to conceal the fact that the Democrat agenda for energy is to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry to pave the way for the socialist environmental boondoggle known as the Great Reset.

“We also don’t want to see any kind of oil pipeline spill into the Great Lakes, which is 20% of the freshwater in the world,” she continued not answering. “There have been several pipeline strikes. There are alternatives about how that energy will be delivered. It’s complicated, not talking points.”

Translation: we’re going to shut down the pipeline because we’re fundamentally transforming the United States, but we’re going to claim it’s for positive-sounding reasons.

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