DiCaprio Stars in Netflix Film Hyping Climate ‘Armageddon’

DiCaprio Stars in Netflix Film Hyping Climate ‘Armageddon’

November 20, 2021

Fresh from jetting to and from the U.N. COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, actor and environmental hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio joined a star-studded Netflix project to fear-monger viewers about imminent climate “armageddon.”

The “dark satire” Don’t Look Up stars DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as astronomers whose warnings about imminent catastrophe fall on deaf ears in a divided United States led by an incompetent president, played by Meryl Streep.

DiCaprio applauded Adam McKay’s script for solving the “next to impossible” problem of making a suspenseful film about a crisis that “evolves over a century.”

“How do we as a species, as a society, as a culture, politically, deal with imminent armageddon?” DiCaprio asked a preview screening audience in Los Angeles on Thursday. “[McKay] had cracked the code, so to speak, on how to bring all the insanity that we as the human race are responding to this crisis, in a two-hour format.”

DiCaprio said he hoped the project would “start to create different conversations, and more people talking about it will push the private sector and the powers that be to make massive change.” But he admitted he had “not much” optimism about humanity’s ability to resolve the climate crisis or if anyone was really listening to the messages being disseminated by climate delegates.

Don’t Look Up, also starring Ariana Grande, Cate Blanchett, and Jonah Hill, hits theaters December 10 before streaming on Netflix from Christmas Eve. Be sure to miss it.

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