DiCaprio, Michelle O Push Bill to Ease Voter ID Requirements

DiCaprio, Michelle O Push Bill to Ease Voter ID Requirements

March 24, 2021

In an open letter published Tuesday, former First Lady Michelle Obama urged Americans to pressure their senators into voting for the “For the People Act” — a Democratic bill that would expand vote by mail and ease requirements for voter photo identification.

The letter was signed by a gaggle of more than 60 Hollywood celebrities, including environmentalist hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio and anti-Trump lush Chelsea Handler. It comes from Michelle O’s When We All Vote organization, which recruited celebrity influencers to promote voting-by-mail during the 2020 presidential election.

“We urge every American to remember how it felt to watch as our Capitol was desecrated earlier this year—and to channel that outrage into patriotic duty,” says the letter, which is co-signed by former Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett.

The “For the People Act” — formerly known as  H.R. 1 — would reduce the powers of states to oversee their elections, giving the federal government more power to determine voting laws at a local level. “It’s a D.C. takeover of our elections,” Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert said of the bill.

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