DiCaprio in Netflix Docu: ‘We Will Never Be Equal Until We All Vote’

DiCaprio in Netflix Docu: ‘We Will Never Be Equal Until We All Vote’

September 29, 2020

In the new Netflix documentary series Whose Vote Counts, Explained, actor and environmentalist hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio argues, “we will never be equal until we all vote,” urging people not to wait to cast their vote.

DiCaprio narrates one episode of the series, “The Right to Vote” (Selena Gomez and anti-Trump hysteric John Legend narrate the others). “In 1776, voting was a privilege, almost exclusively for white men with property,” he states in the documentary. He later adds, “All of us may have been created equal. But we’ll never actually be equal until we all vote. So don’t wait.”

The documentary points out that voting resources are available through several organizations including When We All Vote, Michelle Obama’s “non-partisan” voter registration organization that targets young voters and pushes voting-by-mail.

The documentary also features interviews with ordinary voters, some of whom reportedly talk about alleged voter suppression. “If your vote didn’t matter, why the hell are so many systems and people trying so hard to prevent you from voting?” a black male voter asks. Like who? What systems? Which people? The problem is not voter suppression, but voter fraud.

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