DHS’ Mayorkas: Silicon Valley ‘Committed’ to Curbs on Speech

DHS’ Mayorkas: Silicon Valley ‘Committed’ to Curbs on Speech

December 17, 2021

In a Bloomberg interview on December 14, open-borders enthusiast and Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that the nation’s BIg Tech overlords want to curb Americans’ speech that they deem to be “misinformation.”

“I think they’re very committed to doing so,” Mayorkas said. “I had very robust discussions with individuals [in Silicon Valley and the tech sector]. You know, the How to accomplish it?’ is something that is not easily navigated. We recognize that the First Amendment concerns are extraordinarily important. It’s a founding principle of our country. I think they’re very dedicated to doing so. And I think the ‘How to’ and ‘How we can work together’… is something we’re all working through.”

He added, “Misinformation — pointedly, disinformation — has very serious and significant ramifications for [the Department of] homeland security [and] the integrity of our election system. The security of our election system is a prime example of that…

“I think that false narratives present a threat to our security. The propagation of false narratives is something to be condemned. We need our leaders to step up and fight against it. Because the words of leaders, they matter quite a bit. They can be very influential in the public discourse. The Department of Homeland Security, our work, rests often at the epicenter of the country’s [political] divide. And the country’s divide is something that has security implications, and it’s also very saddening.”

False narratives are indeed a threat to our national security. They include narratives such as: who actually won the 2020 election; how effective and safe is the COVID vaccine; the founding and history of our country; which racial movement is the real domestic terror threat; which political party poses the biggest threat to election integrity; and many more — all propagated by the far-left Biden administration and a complicit media, and assisted by the Big Tech companies and their suppression of truth on the internet.

Mayorkas and the Big Tech overlords pay lip service to respecting free speech, but in fact they see it as an obstacle to controlling which narratives are acceptable, and which are “misinformation.”

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