Dems Slam DNC Over Iowa Chaos: ‘Tom Perez Must Resign’

Dems Slam DNC Over Iowa Chaos: ‘Tom Perez Must Resign’

February 5, 2020

In the wake of the Democrat Party’s inept handling of the Iowa caucus results, some Dems are slamming the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and calling for chairman Tom Perez to resign.

No precincts had reported meaningful results into Tuesday morning, sparking suspicion and accusations of incompetence from angry Democrats. The Iowa Democrat Party is blaming it on “partial data” and a “coding issue.”

“America deserves better. @TomPerez must resign. The entire @DNC from the top down must resign,” one user wrote on social media, noting the DNC’s attempts to rig the primary against Sanders in 2016 and adding, “#DNCisCorrupt.”

“Good job, @DNC & @TomPerez,” another Democrat tweeted. “Not only have you muffled Bernie’s victory and momentum, Trump can now use the #IowaCaucusDisaster for point scoring on how incompetent Democrats are.” Yes, because it’s true. And this is the party that wants control over your health care.

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