Democrats Melt Down After Born-Alive Act Restricts Their Lust for Infanticide

Democrats Melt Down After Born-Alive Act Restricts Their Lust for Infanticide

January 12, 2023

Senior Democrat lawmakers such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Kamala Harris lost their collective sh*t on social media shortly after the House passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which requires doctors to provide care for infants born alive after a failed abortion.

“Today, instead of joining Democrats to condemn all political violence, [House Republicans] chose to push their extreme anti-choice agenda,” Pelosi tweeted Wednesday. “Democrats believe everyone deserves the freedom to access reproductive health services – without fear of violence, intimidation or harassment.”

Schumer was similarly outraged. “The MAGA Republican-controlled House is putting on display their extreme views on women’s health with legislation that does not even have the support of the American people.”

The Vice President also chimed in, just in case anyone cared what she had to say. “This is yet another attempt by Republican legislators to control women’s bodies.”

Here’s what is driving the Left apoplectic: the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act says any infant born alive following an abortion attempt is a “legal person for all purposes under the laws of the United States,” and deserves the same care a “reasonably diligent and conscientious healthcare practitioner would render to any other child born alive.”

So, doctors and healthcare workers would be required to medically assist a struggling newborn after a failed attempt to murder it in the womb, as opposed to isolating it in a broom closet until it dies on its own, much like the ancient Romans left unwanted infants in the woods to be killed by the elements or wild animals. And yet all but two Democrats voted against the idea that a child who survives an abortion deserves “reasonably diligent” medical care.

The Democrat Party is a godless death cult, and infanticide is its most precious sacrament.

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