Democrats Blame GOP for Planned Title 42 Migrant Wave

Democrats Blame GOP for Planned Title 42 Migrant Wave

April 6, 2022

Democrats are trying to blame the GOP for the flood of wage-cutting, rent-spiking migrants expected to cross the southern border once President Biden’s deputies lift the Title 42 border barrier in May, according to Breitbart News.

“The president sent an immigration plan to Congress on his first day in office [and] We’ve asked consistently for more resources,” Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, told ABC News on April 3. Many Democrats worry that the impending flood of migrants — perhaps 500,000 a month — will erode their declining chance of victory in the November midterm elections.

Public “dissatisfaction with immigration [policy] has been driven by Republicans and they’re feeding this,” Democratic political consultant Cornell Belcher told NBC on April 3.

“That’s just ludicrous,” responded Rosemary Jenks, director of government relations for NumbersUSA, which seeks to curb the wealth-shifting inflow of legal and illegal immigrants. She continued:

There hasn’t been an immigration deal in decades — and we didn’t have a [migration] crisis at the beginning of January of 2021 but we did by the end of January 2021 … It’s incredibly transparent to most people — they know the Democrats are in charge, and if [President] Joe Biden wanted a secure border, we would have a secure border…

Democrats are doing their normal thing where they’re projecting their sins on someone else — Whenever they accuse Republicans of something, it’s usually because they’re doing it themselves. In this case, they know full well that they are the reason that the borders are open and that we have this crisis, and so they’re projecting their failures onto Republicans … [But] despite the lack of coverage in the mainstream media, the public is still very well aware of what’s going on.

But Democrats are pushing their talking points as open-borders DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas raises the inflow each month to about 70,000 accepted illegal migrants. Once the Title 42 barrier is lifted, officials suggest the inflow could increase to as many as three migrants for every two American births.

But the Biden administration and its media allies are trying to keep the established media focused on blaming former President Donald Trump, not Biden. 

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