Democratic Socialists of America Call for Gov. Cuomo to Resign

Democratic Socialists of America Call for Gov. Cuomo to Resign

March 5, 2021

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Democratic Socialists of America — an organization to which radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez infamously belongs — called on lethally incompetent New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign following allegations by three women that he sexually harassed them.

“In light of the multiple allegations of sexual harassment by Governor Cuomo, the NYC Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America is calling for the immediate resignation and impeachment of Governor Andrew Cuomo. We stand with Charlotte Bennet [sic], Lindsey Boylan, and Anna Ruch, who have spoken out about Governor Cuomo’s harassment,” the DSA statement read.

“Someone so comfortable with abusing his power should not be in leadership of our state,” it continued. “It is abundantly clear that Cuomo’s endemic pattern of abuse and bullying have disrupted and interfered with democratic processes in our state. The people of New York deserve better.”

The left-wing Working Families Party also issued a statement this week calling for Cuomo to step down: “Andrew Cuomo’s reign of fear, harassment, and intimidation cannot continue. We were horrified to learn of the Governor’s pattern of sexual harassment. We have been equally disturbed by the Governor’s response: he did not deny any of Charlotte Bennett’s specific allegations, failed to take any personal responsibility for his actions, and instead blamed his victims.

“We are calling on Governor Cuomo to resign immediately because he is unfit to serve the people of New York,” the statement continued.

The sexual harassment allegations follow on the heels of revelations that Cuomo tried to cover up the true numbers of coronavirus deaths in his state that resulted from his botching of the pandemic.

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