Dem Sheriff Won’t Enforce Gov. Whitmer’s Lockdown Order

Dem Sheriff Won’t Enforce Gov. Whitmer’s Lockdown Order

May 18, 2020

Friday on Charlie LeDuff’s No BS News Hour, Michigan Sheriff Chris Swanson, a Democrat, declared he is not going to enforce the draconian lockdown order of petty tyrant Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

“These executive orders are not a suggestion. They’re not optional,” Whitmer had said.

“First, you know, people have to talk about the Constitution in its entirety. And that’s the separation of powers,” Swanson told the radio host. “And the sheriff is the executive branch of that separation. We enforce laws — with discretion, remember that.”

“It is dangerous for police officers to determine what’s right and what’s wrong…” Swanson continued. “But what I can do is say: ‘I’m not going to park cars there and pull over everybody going one [mph] over.’ I tell this to my people in Genesee County, because I have seen people… on the business side, they’re dying. We have not raided a business. We have not shut a business down. We’re not pulling people over. We’re not writing tickets. And don’t expect us to do it.”

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