Dem Senators Complain About Schumer’s Senate Dysfunction

Dem Senators Complain About Schumer’s Senate Dysfunction

December 3, 2021

Democrat Senators complained Thursday about the dysfunctional, ineffective leadership of Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer amid legislative failures.

So far this year, the Senate has yet to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), appropriations to fund the government, a fresh debt ceiling limit, and President Biden’s massive 1.9 trillion reconciliation package, all of which Schumer promised would be completed by Christmas.

As Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) put it to Politico, “Here we are in December, we don’t have a national defense authorization act completed. We don’t have an appropriations process completed. We’ve got a debt ceiling limit we’re going to run up against once again. And there’s only four or five items for the whole year you’re expected to get done. I’m just tired of it.”

Democrat Senators are echoing this frustration as deadlines loom nearer. As political campaigns get underway for the upcoming midterms, it will become more difficult to pass Biden’s radical agenda with “moderate” members seeking to win reelection. Far-left Dick Durbin, for example, complained Schumer is too weak to convince all 50 Democrat senators to support Biden’s agenda.

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