Dem Fetterman Wants to End Filibuster to Push Gun Ban Thru

Dem Fetterman Wants to End Filibuster to Push Gun Ban Thru

October 4, 2022

Radical leftist Senate candidate John Fetterman (D-PA) wants to end the filibuster so his totalitarian party can push through a gun ban for “assault weapons,” according to Fox News.

FOX News noted that he made comments in April 2022, saying, “I’m not afraid of anything, and certainly not the NRA [National Rifle Association”]. And let me be clear, the NRA does not represent the overwhelming majority of what gun owners really believe and want.”

In July Fetterman called for an “assault weapons” ban in response to the July 4, 2022, attack on the Highland Park Independence Day parade. Days later, WCCS reported that he called for the filibuster to be ended so Democrats could push an “assault weapons” ban through the Senate, as well as ban on “high-capacity magazines.”

Fetterman’s gun control agenda also includes getting ride of the filibuster so Democrats can secure universal background checks on gun sales.

The United States has had FBI-run National Instant Criminal Background Check System checks on retail gun sales since 1998. When Democrats push universal background checks they are pushing to expand retail checks so as to mandate checks on private gun sales as well. This move effectively criminalizes private sales between neighbors, life-long coworkers, and acquaintances, unless the buyer undergoes a background check with the FBI.

And yet high-profile mass shooters rarely acquire their guns privately. They almost always go through a background check at retail.

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