Dem Consulting Firm’s Staff Revolt over Working for Sinema

Dem Consulting Firm’s Staff Revolt over Working for Sinema

February 4, 2022

According to a recent report from Politico, the staffers of Authentic, a Democrat consulting firm that has reportedly been paid almost half a million dollars to do digital work for Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema since 2020, have started to complain about working for the senator.

The firm’s staff started to express their “shock and agitation” as to why their company that “professes fidelity to a set of progressive values” has worked with Sinema, as she consistently rejects key components of the Democrat party’s far-left agenda.

According to internal union messages, one of the firm’s staffers said, “I am doing the devils work,” while another said, “I feel sick about it [to be honest].”

“What’s the point of us supporting a client who is the antithesis of what we claim to stand for?” another staffer complained.

“The revolt inside Authentic underscores the degree to which Sinema has found herself in the crosshairs of her own party during the Biden years. The Arizona Democrat has rankled some of the biggest powers in Democratic circles with her refusal to back key components of the president’s agenda…” Politico wrote.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats don’t like an inclusive, big-tent philosophy which allows for a variety of opinions within the party. The radicals who control the Democrat Party demand absolute fidelity to their agenda. Sinema may end up a Republican convert before long.

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