‘Defund the Police’ Bush Spends Over $490K on Private Security

‘Defund the Police’ Bush Spends Over $490K on Private Security

October 17, 2022

Breitbart News reports that Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) has spent nearly $500,000 on private security during the current election cycle while pushing to defund the police.

FOX News Digital noted, “Bush has now directed over $490,000 into private security for the 2022 election cycle.”

The Daily Mail added that Bush spent this money “despite…openly calling for defunding the police, a movement which exploded following the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis officer and the deaths of other Black people at the hands of law enforcement.”

FOX News Digital pointed out that Bush recently told Good Morning America, “The thing about defund the police is we have to tell the entire narrative. People hear ‘defund the police.’ But you know what they’ll say? Say ‘reallocate,’ say ‘divest,’ say ‘move.’ But it’s still the same thing.”

She added, “We can’t get caught up on the words. People spend more time focusing on the word ‘defund’ than they spend on caring and addressing the problem of police in this country.”

CNN’s Don Lemon talked to Bush about how the push to defund police may hurt Democrats in the coming midterm elections. He then asked Bush if she would support defunding police again, knowing the political consequences for her party.

Bush responded, “Absolutely.”

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