Dean: Vaccine Fear-Mongerers Don’t ‘Give a Damn About’ U.S.

Dean: Vaccine Fear-Mongerers Don’t ‘Give a Damn About’ U.S.

July 14, 2021

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The Beat, , failed presidential candidate Howard Dean declared that Republicans who resist taking the COVID-19 vaccine do not “give a damn about the United States of America.”

After playing a video from CPAC of a panelist arguing against door-to-door vaccination efforts, guest-host Jason Johnson said, “Why are they fear-mongering about something that simple that’s already happening?”

Dean said, “Because they have nothing else to stand on. They have accomplished nothing. They’ve harmed the very constituency that they say they care about. Things are getting worse for Donald Trump’s followers because of all this nonsense. They have nothing to say, and when you have nothing to say that’s good for the country, you resort to the worst possible tactics. They do not give a damn about the United States of America. They only want their own power, and they’re willing to talk people who are not well informed into these kinds of crazinesses in order to keep their power, and it’s costing a lot of lives.”

This is a completely fact-free rant with no substance. In fact, it is the Democrats who fear-mongered about the coronavirus in the first place, to hurt Trump’s election chances in 2020. Those on the right who oppose the left’s totalitarian threat to go door-to-door pushing the untested vaccine are not fear-mongering, but standing up for the individual rights and liberties of Americans.

Dean went on to demonize the Republicans at CPAC as crackpots, which is rich considering that Dean is one of his party’s stupidest, unhinged members.

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