Dean: Trump Uses ‘Hitler’ Techniques, GOP Like ‘Fascists’

Dean: Trump Uses ‘Hitler’ Techniques, GOP Like ‘Fascists’

March 25, 2021

In a recent interview on the left-wing MeidasTouch Podcast, former presidential candidate and awkward screaming enthusiast Howard Dean compared the GOP to fascists Tuesday and claimed former President Trump uses the same techniques as dictators such as Adolf Hitler to convince citizens to trust him and be able to “take over.”

“The Republican Party does not have any principles at all as far as I can see right now, except for ‘I want power and I’ll do whatever I can and lie in any way I need to in order to get power,’” he said. “That is a principle for the destruction of the United States and any other country.”

That actually describes Democrats, not the GOP, but projection is a familiar Democrat defense mechanism.

“It’s basically the same principle that Hitler used to take over and that most dictators used to take over,” Dean added of Trump’s communication style. “It’s a pathetic construct though because it means that there are an awful lot of Americans who have given up on themselves and we have to figure out how to motivate them not to do that.”

Dean also compared the GOP to fascists. “I mean, to surrender to fascism is just as much of a sin as being a fascist,” he said.

Dean’s tired old false accusations of fascism are simply part and parcel of the left’s unconscionable demonization of their political enemies.

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