Dean: DeSantis ‘May Be More of a Lunatic Than Trump Ever Was’

Dean: DeSantis ‘May Be More of a Lunatic Than Trump Ever Was’

August 30, 2021

Friday on MSNBC’s The Beat, unhinged, irrelevant former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) “may be more of a lunatic” than former President Donald Trump.

Asked about a court striking down Florida’s mask mandate ban, Dean replied, “I’m actually just shocked by DeSantis. I never thought I’d say this, but I think he may be more of a lunatic than Trump ever was. Trump finally come around thinking the best thing he can do for his supporters is get them vaccinated. DeSantis is completely out of touch with reality.”

Dean doesn’t have any wiggle room to label anyone else “out of touch with reality,” but that’s never stopped a Democrat before. What Dean and the MSNBC propagandists are trying to do here is discredit DeSantis, who strikes terror in Democrat hearts.

The incompetent, unlikable Dean then went on an increasingly panicked rant. “This guy is not competent to serve in any capacity… I am shocked. I have never seen a governor like this… This guy is putting their children’s lives at risk. We’re going to have dead kids all over Florida in these districts that are following DeSantis. It is outrageous. I have never seen any governor of either party ever behave like this. It’s almost as if he doesn’t give a damn who has to die as long as he gets reelected.”

Democrats are freaking out that DeSantis likely will be the Republican Party presidential nominee in 2024. And they should.

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