Dean: DeSantis ‘Is Not a Nice Guy’ — His Disney Feud Is Insane

Dean: DeSantis ‘Is Not a Nice Guy’ — His Disney Feud Is Insane

June 1, 2023

Thursday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, unhinged former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is not a good presidential candidate because he is “not a nice guy.”

Cooper asked, “So next week, former Vice President Pence, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie expected to jump into the race. Is this turning into 2015-2016 all over again?”

Dean said, “Not yet but it may. The big difference is that there is a fair amount of appetite among Republicans not to have Trump. I mean, Trump is the leading vote-getter but he’s only sometimes at 50%. So if the vote were held today, Trump would get the nomination easily, because everybody else is going to split the vote.”

He continued, “I personally don’t think DeSantis is a particularly good candidate. I did in the beginning, but he’s cranky. He’s short with the press. He is not very articulate. He is not a nice guy and that matters in a general election. So he, up until recently has been the candidate that would be the obvious one to take over the mantle from Trump. I think it’s much more open today than it was a couple of weeks ago. I think this business with Walt Disney is just insane, and he’s just got some terribly bad advice on that.”

Once again, the Left demonstrates that they are terrified that DeSantis will be the nominee, so they are more focused on demonizing him than they are Trump.

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