Dean: Dems Will Grow Senate, House Majorities in Midterms

Dean: Dems Will Grow Senate, House Majorities in Midterms

October 21, 2022

Thursday on MSNBC’s The Beat, former Democratic National Committee chairman and primal scream enthusiast Howard Dean claimed amusingly that the Democrats will increase their majorities in both the U.S Senate and House in November’s midterm election.

Dean said, “I’ll make this prediction right now: we’ll pick up two to three in the Senate and pick up the House. We will pick up seats in the House and not lose them. I think we will take two more than we have today in the House. It’s just because when you see these early turnout figures, and you better be one of them if you’re watching this, that is a very good thing for people who are angry, and people who are really angry right now are the Democrats.”

Dean is either lying to MSNBC and its two dozen viewers, or lying to himself, or both, because there is a red wave coming at the midterms and everyone knows it. And it’s because Republicans — not Democrats — are the angry ones. They’re righteously angry at what the far-Left Biden administration has done to this country.

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