Dean: Dems Party of Hope – GOP Party of Fear, Anger, Pessimism

Dean: Dems Party of Hope – GOP Party of Fear, Anger, Pessimism

May 11, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s The Beat, former Democratic National Committee chairman and unhinged demagogue Howard Dean claimed, without a shred of self-awareness, that Democrats are the party of hope while Republicans are the party of fear, anger, and pessimism.

Asked why Democrats are not good at demonizing people (Huh? Of course they are. They have perfected the politics of personal destruction), Dean replied, “It’s one of the problems with the Democrats. It’s essentially a problem because we are optimistic. The Republicans are pessimistic. The Republicans don’t have values that are encouraging to humanity. They don’t believe humanity is any good.”

Fact check: false. Republicans simply believe that mankind is fallen and imperfect and always will be, while Democrats believe people can be molded or forced to create a utopian society.

He added, “The Republican Party fundamentally has a pessimistic view of mankind. The Democrats don’t. That makes us weaker because we have to fight with one hand tied behind our back. We can’t give in to pessimism. We can’t give into anguish about the future of humanity. We have to be hopeful. We are the party of hope. They are the party of fear, of anger, and frankly, they are the party of pessimism. They, frankly, believe that there is no future for human beings, and they are creating an America or trying to, where there is no future for the United States of America. I think they are going to lose because of that.”

Claiming that Republicans don’t believe America or humanity has a future is insane. Dean is literally out of his mind and spewing nonsense, and MSNBC is helping him promote his demonization of their political enemies.

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