De Niro: Trump ‘Worse Than We Could Ever Imagine’

De Niro: Trump ‘Worse Than We Could Ever Imagine’

June 12, 2020

Thursday on MSNBC’s The Last Word, actor and Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Robert De Niro declared that President Trump is  “worse than we could ever imagine” and that he is looking forward to Trump being in jail one day.

Discussing a role as disgraced investor Bernie Madoff, De Niro said, “With Trump when he’s in jail — and that I am certainly looking forward to — when he’s in jail, if they give him a platform there, he’ll never keep his mouth shut. Madoff, for some reason, they stopped. I know people that interviewed him had very limited access to him. But with Trump, it will be—he’s another form of being.”

When host Lawrence O’Donnell suggested that both and Trump are sociopaths with “zero empathy,” De Niro replied, “He’s worse than we could ever imagine. It’s beyond comprehension.”

If raging progressives like O’Donnell and De Niro are so consumed by Trump-hatred, the President must be doing something right.

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