De Niro: Trump is ‘Worse Than We Ever Thought’

De Niro: Trump is ‘Worse Than We Ever Thought’

October 29, 2019

In an interview with British GQ, Trump-obsessed actor Robert De Niro took the opportunity to attack the President yet again, this time calling him “dangerous” and predicting he will “ruin” the United States.

“He’s beyond a horrible person,’” De Niro said. “I went on television the day after he was elected and I said, ‘I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But he’s worse than we ever thought he would be. He’s an idiot. He’s a fool. He’s a buffoon. He’s silly. He’s tacky. He’s dangerous.”

The fading star, who keeps in the public eye by spewing obscenities about Trump at every public event, went on to claim wildly that “the NRA has a grip on the Republicans” and Trump is a “monster” with “blood on his hands” who “encourages” mass shooters.

A dismissive Trump tweeted last year that De Niro is “a very Low IQ individual” who has taken too “many shots to the head by real boxers in movies.”

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